Biography – Steven Baker

I am a researcher based in Bendigo, Australia.

Looking over my career, I would say that it has developed over three main phases.

  1. Audio Engineer (1989-2001). During this time I worked professionally as an audio engineer, predominantly in Melbourne, Australia. After several years training and working with bands, both in the studio and on the road, the majority of this time was spent working in post-production studios. I worked on everything from multimedia projects, motion pictures, television, corporate videos and commercials during this time at a range of Melbourne studios. It was a great job, especially for a young person straight out of school, I met some amazing and talented people and still miss the work at times. Skills developed during this time included; learning how to succinctly edit scripts, recording and editing on both analogue and digital production equipment and producing/co-producing sessions with a range of directors, actors and writers.
  2. Fatherhood and New Beginnings (2001-2005). After moving to Bendigo with my wife and two young daughters in 2001, my life entered a completely new phase. My biggest job during this time was being the primary carer for my daughters, beginning when my eldest was two and my youngest was nine months; I cooked, cleaned and parented until my youngest daughter started school in 2005. During this time I also had a range of part-time jobs including; providing personal support and care for six amazing clients in a supported accommodation unit, co-establishing and working as a manager/apprentice chef at a Bendigo cafe and a short stint managing a small art house cinema in Eaglehawk. I learned a lot about myself during this period. Both as a father and in the various other roles I performed.
  3. Social Work and Academia (2006-present). Since 2006, I have completed undergraduate degrees in social work (with honours) and human services. Worked as a social worker in various roles, primarily homeless services. Completed my PhD which focussed on the use of technology by social workers and older people with histories of homelessness, social isolation and complex needs. Currently a research fellow at the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces at the University of Melbourne. 

In my spare time I enjoy listening (and at times creating) music, producing various content for the web and riding my Moto Guzzi motorcycle.